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Hello 2021!

We welcome in a new year with it's endless opportunities for being curious, having fun, exploring and learning. No sooner were the children through the door, having washed their hands first, than they were eagerly investigating the "invitations to play" we had set out around the room.

In this cold weather we made sure that we looked after our feathered friends by creating bird feeders using pine cones, seeds and porridge oats. We also thought about how to look after ourselves, wrapping up warm before venturing out. The abundance of snow at the end of the week provided great opportunities to explore the texture of snow, ice and slush, to see who could throw snowballs the highest, and to build a snowman.

We have been lucky enough to have been given a new drum, an unexpected Christmas present, which the children have enjoyed using and will be well used throughout the year I am sure.

Creativity with loose parts and paints have also featured this week along with lots of role-play in the home corner.

I wonder what next week will hold for us?

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