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I spy with my little eye ... something beginning with "M"

Little did we know at the start of the week that the children's interests would involve lots of activities beginning with M!

  • Mixing paint to create different colours and shades was popular both inside and outside alongside other mark making media.

  • Mathematics was explored in a variety of ways from making mosaics using the coloured shapes, matching numbers in the environment, exploring clocks, all the way through to measuring how tall everybody was.

  • Magnifying glasses, mirrors and medical equipment also captured children's attention that was incorporated into role-play .

  • Last but not least we had children exploring the different ways the instruments made music.

In the midst of all the "M" activities, some children decided to go on a trip in their camper-van whilst others thought we needed a swimming pool built outside, drawing their own designs, which could easily be filled with all the rain we've had recently.

Let's hope the sun puts in an appearance next week.

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