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Jelly on a plate....wheels on the bus and many more...

Luckily the children are used to the staff bursting into song at various times of the day. We are not singing along to the radio but singing nursery rhymes or making songs up as we support children in their play. How does this help?

Singing nursery rhymes and songs with the children can help develop their language and communication skills as well as enhancing their own cultural capital. Impromptu singing sessions can catch children's attention and interest with the inclusion of props, for example a selection of animals for Old McDonald, or the introduction of musical instruments. Introducing children to a variety of songs and rhymes can help them understand and learn different sounds and rhythms. The repetition aspect of some songs can support the development of memory, listening, phonological awareness and speaking. Singing together can also help children get to know their peers, for instance holding hands during 'row, row your boat' is great for helping develop social skills. Children with extra needs or those who struggle with their emotions can find singing to be a non confrontational way of receiving instructions or embedding routines - just as we are all singing 'happy birthday' as we wash our hands!

Apart from singing, the children have been engaged in a host of other activities over the past few weeks such as organising 'evacuations', building roads, setting up hospitals and planning holidays and days out on the bus.

So here's a many nursery rhymes or songs can you match to some of the photographs?

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