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Light refreshments anyone?

The invitation to play that included oranges, lemons, teapots, bubbly water and a variety of kitchen utensils was a big hit with the children this week. It provided an opportunity to not only explore their senses but support their imagination and creativity too. And with the rain cascading down off the roof we could easily refill the tea pots over and over again. Problem solving skills were supported in so far as how could we capture the rain and fill up containers and indeed using measuring jugs we could see how much we had collected.

The builders were in again this week. This time they were building houses for the 3 Little Pigs and they were put to the test to make sure they couldn't be blown down by the wolf! Meanwhile at the garage the bikes were being fixed by our mechanics. There was a report that a bear was in the vicinity so we had to go on a bear hunt several times before he was found.

The coloured playdough was turned into deliciously different flavoured ice creams and cakes and used to create environments for our sea creatures. We were very lucky to find some pearls in the oyster shells.

I wonder what delights will be created next time?

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