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New year, new friends, new adventures....

We were delighted to welcome new friends to Noah's Ark who have quickly settled in and begun their own adventures and learning journeys.

Indeed the past few weeks have been filled with industrious, imaginative and creative play encompassing a variety of aspects that are important to children's development. It's not just the children who learn through play but the adults too. In order to support and foster children's play the team are often researching different elements, for example sensory play, to enhance children's experiences that contribute to their well being, communication skills and confidence.

A favourite sensory activity is our playdough which opens up all kinds of avenues to creative play, however this week it was put to good use because it helped to feed a tiger who came to tea. Luckily we had some zookeepers to help out because some of the tigers friends turned up as well.

Meanwhile in the outdoor kitchen we had some chefs rustling up some divine food using coriander. And yet again we had the builders in to fix our climbing frame. It may have been cold outside but playing hide and seek as well as escaping from giants and monsters helped us to keep warm.

I wonder who will come to visit next time?

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