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No planning permission required...

There has been a lot of building activity recently at Noah's Ark with a variety of materials being used. Construction play, in any form, using different materials, supports children to build self confidence, creativity and encourages their independent learning. Observations showed that the children modified their creations if things didn't work out in the way they had hoped. This have-a-go attitude stands children in good stead when faced with difficulties. Overcoming problems to build structures in certain ways supports creative thinking and problem solving skills too. As with most building sites, construction is a team effort and the children worked co-operatively to achieve their objectives.

We can't have failed but notice all the flags and bunting that is being displayed around our lovely town and so, with Jubilee celebrations not far away, we have been getting into the party spirit by making play dough food decorated with red, white and blue pasta.

I wonder which direction the children's play will take next week?

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