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"On your marks"

The children have been creative with their mark making this week and produced beautiful works of art, brightening up the overcast days we've had recently. Soap dispensers filled with paint, rubbing coloured wet chalk with a brush, pressing chamomile flowers into playdoh, and fashioning teddy bears using buttons all contributed to high levels of involvement and well-being.

Physical challenges were set by some children i.e. wanting to climb into the barrel unaided. They were supported by the staff to achieve this goal by talking through ideas on safety, how they would have to work as a team, and taking turns.

In the meantime lots more was happening both inside and out.

Exploring animal habitats, which creatures lived in water, on land or both! Our harvest of figs were used in the mud kitchen and in the cafe. Babies were being born in the hospital, police officers were capturing criminals, and there were scary monsters hiding in the bamboo. We worked out what types of objects the magnets 'stuck to' and the hammers and hacksaws were in action at the woodwork bench.

We see the start of December next week, and with Christmas fast approaching we wonder what will capture the children's interest next...?

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