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Please follow the diversion...

Yes, the roadworks even made it into Noah's Ark this week however, the children didn't need to wait in the traffic for long before they were on their way to lots of destinations!

Some children followed maps to find treasure whilst others discovered a snail trail and, once they had found the snail, drew lots pictures of it. We found a green birds egg which made us wonder what type of bird had laid it? In the meantime, some children created some nests for it to sit in.

The hot weather suited the jungle animals and dinosaurs that were hiding outside and this led us to finding out about the various types of animals that lived in such conditions. Our animal books revealed lots of interesting species of crocodile, spider and ant!

The beautiful flower ice cubes and cut up fruits engaged the children's senses through sight, smell and touch and the talk of flavours and flower names was the spring board to opening up a cafe which sold delicious iced dishes. Other ways to keep cool included going on a fishing trip, creating splash parties and having ice lollies for snack. There was the opportunity to join a yoga class, partake in princess dancing or attempt to jump the furthest distance off the log.

Finally it was a good time to have a lie down and pretend to be asleep whilst waiting for Santa to deliver the presents!

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