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Pulses, pumpkins and perseverance.

No two weeks, or even two days, are the same at Noah's Ark and this week was no exception. A big hit with the children this week was using lentils, rice and semolina to fill, pour, mix and measure in various containers as well as to to create different coloured layers in glass bottles. This took perseverance, patience and concentration but the children were very pleased with their results.

Patience and concentration were also in evidence as children learned how to use the hand drill and hammers safely to make holes in our big pumpkin and pineapple. Along with perseverance we witnessed problem solving too. How can we stop our towers falling down? How can we make a see-saw? What do we need to make this bridge stop wobbling? Which objects will my magnet attract?

Having tested inside, which would fall to the floor the quickest a feather or a tissue? we moved outside and used the help of the wind to test out our theories as to which fabrics would fall to the ground the fastest. Why did that towel fall to the floor the quickest?

Even with such industrious action going on all around there is always time and space to have a cup of tea with a friend, do a jigsaw or sit and read a book. Some children found time to make their passports so they could catch a plane to warmer climes too


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