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Ready steady ...

This week we have had a "mash up" of cooking programmes! The children asked for the timer so they could see who won the competition which started off as Ready Steady Cook and morphed into the Great British Bake off. The must have item this week was indeed cookery related and came in the form of a hand held whisk. Once shown how to use it they were away, whisking soap flakes and creating "frothy coffees" as well discovering what effect it had upon coloured iced cubes, sand and water.

Luckily we had superheroes in attendance to rescue various animals that had got stuck up the fig tree. We were fortunate that we did not require their superpowers when we discovered that the dinosaurs had laid eggs, so no roaming T-Rexes thank goodness, nor were they needed when children were navigating the bridges to avoid falling into the molten lava. I wonder what intrepid adventures we will go on next week?

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