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The importance of movement.

The warmer weather has meant that we are spending more time outdoors and that in turn opens up lots of opportunities for a variety of physical movement. From riding trikes, climbing, jumping, running, playing in the sandpit, hula hooping, through to pouring and scooping water, painting and walking on stilts.

The benefits of exercise and movement is well documented and helps contribute to a healthy mind and body. However did you know that movement activities build brain structure?

Research has highlighted a link between cognitive development and movement, meaning children need opportunities to move so they can learn.

Encouraging movement and activity in young children can help them to grow the connections that are are also needed for more formal learning: memory, perception, language, attention, emotional regulation and even decision making. Going by the photographs, we think it is safe to say that the children all got "a move on" this week and the staff certainly did more than their 10,000 steps a day too!

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