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Three little words....

"I did it!" It is great when we hear a child say these words and they are usually accompanied by a huge smile too! And yet perhaps even the previous day the same child had said "I can't do it". Having-a-go and persisting when difficulties occur are only two of the characteristics of effective learning but will stand children in good stead when they move on to reception class and beyond.

So this week it was fantastic to hear "I did it" many times from children putting on their coats, or doing the zip up on their own, climbing up, over and down the climbing frame unaided, threading beads to make a necklace for a special person, going to the toilet independently, discovering a new skill and showing satisfaction in completing the task they set out to do.

The children's interest in cooking continued with tasty soup being made in the outdoor kitchen and our invitation to play that included herbs and spices engaging the children's imagination.

Our latest curious object gleaned from an antique shop, a vintage Polaroid camera, proved a hit with the children and brought back memories for some of the staff who actually owned one back in the day!

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