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We're back!

The past fortnight has flown by but what a fun packed 2 weeks we've had!

It was lovely to see children new to Noah's Ark and returning children from last year begin to explore their new environment and start to become acquainted with the staff and new friends. Once everyone had relaxed into the rhythm of the sessions we saw creativity emerging, interests developing and play initiated.

With the change of the season upon us this brings lots of different opportunities for us to use the beautiful abundance that nature provides in a variety of ways. The children made petal tea and rose petal play-dough buns as well as serving in our pop up fruit and vegetable shop. Some of the produce found its way onto the chopping boards and we talked about healthy foods as well as the importance of how to chop safely when using knives.

Singing, dancing, reading stories, role-play, painting, mark- making, building, sorting, jigsaws and climbing all featured over the past few weeks. As children's confidence, motivation and creativity grows it will be exciting to see what learning journeys we go on with them for the rest of the term.

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