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We've had the builders in this week.

Construction came in a variety of forms this week, whether it was building birds' nests, zoo enclosures or exploring what to do with a selection of loose parts. Inside and out, there were structures going up and up or even being built horizontally. Once the builders left the decorators moved in and lots of "painting" got done outside.

Other occupations were evident in more roleplay. You could visit the salon and have your hair and nails done, or if you were feeling poorly we had doctors on hand. Any mysteries were soon cleared up by our duty police officers; and anyone wanting a life of adventure could come aboard our pirate ship and go looking for treasure!

We had to be on our guard during the week as we discovered there were "monsters" on the loose! The children found a variety of footprints on the floor outside and decided to create some more. They thought they could have been dragon footprints! Other mark making was made in the playdough using sea creatures, seeds, hands and shaped cutters.

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