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Didgeridoo & volcano!

Another busy week, enjoying the sunshine

Mud kitchen-making cakes, soup, adding "secret ingredients" (rose petals). Pretending they're serving at McDonalds.

Various ways of moving-balancing (walk the plank),using stilts.

Balancing wooden blocks using big and small sizes -inside and outdoors

Role-play included Ninja warriors, builders, hospitals, babies (looking after them & having them), going into space on a rocket to visit planets, escaping erupting lava flows from volcanoes.

Market stall - adult suggestion

Mark making-using chalk (depicting family figures), mixing paint

Alphabet stencils.

Adult support given with scissor control, safety aspects, resolving conflicts, catching/throwing beanbags.

Adult focus activities:

Music-using a didgeridoo following on from children's interests in sounds changing

Drawing pictures and writing own names

Volcano - we mixed our "chemicals" to make the volcano erupt

Scissor control

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